Jordan Rhodes: The next Alan Shearer?

Before you read this article, you must know that I am an avid Blackburn fan, and although I will try my hardest not to be biased about the best striker to play at Ewood Park since Alan Shearer, I no doubt will be.

I too am biased about our best striker but lets not forget that no one man is the whole team, they all play a part in our failures and success.

I mean that claim by the way. Jordan Rhodes is the best striker Blackburn Rovers have had, since that incredible title-winning 1995 in which the Premier League’s all-time top scorer Alan Shearer donned the blue and white of the Rovers. A bold statement to make, but one that many fans of the Lancashire club will agree with. The 24-year-old Scotsman is a revelation.

It has been a tough few years for Blackburn. Off the pitch controversies involving Blackburn’s barmy owners, the millionaire chicken farmers from India otherwise known as the Venky’s, have caused a terrible turn in the on-the-pitch fortunes of the former Premier League winners. Rovers were relegated soon after the idiotic Indians took over, and mismanagement of the club has caused….


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